Sewing project #1



This is my first sewing project for 2013. It is a straight knee length skirt in a blue & black houndstooth check (notice how I write as though it’s already finished? What’s that about?). The pattern is McCalls 3830; I read about it on a blog but can’t remember which one – sorry. I can remember that I bought it from sewing world and they had a very speedy turnaround. The fabric is from Caroline’s (The Sewing Box) on High St West. I think it will have a bit of challenge as I’d like the check to line up on the seams. Anyway it’s public now so I have to do it!


Bursting with ideas



The weather is bleak, I’m fed up with the grey when I look out of the window. It seems today that M&S is looming greater than ever. And just a year ago we could see the hills and the cars coming down off Snake Pass from here. I’m about to knuckle down with today’s task and make a start on sewing the flags for outside. In part, this post is to make sure I do it ‘cos now I’ve told you and you’ll want to know how I get on! The idea is to create colourful flags from rip stock nylon that will lift the outside appearance of the shop. When they are finished we will appliqué words onto the flags. We have three carbon fibre rods and so need three words, one for each flag. We have kind of agreed on ‘ART’ and ‘CRAFT’ but are stuck for word three. A word that sums up an aspect of the studios. Any ideas?