Derbyshire Open Arts 2013

We’re excited to once again be taking part in the Derbyshire Open Arts event. As in previous years we have a great line up of artists with new work to show.

We always start our preparations with a big clear up – Philippa has been in charge of the Studios…

P1060748Outside, we have new planters a lovely trailing ivy and these…

P1060730And whilst upstairs work on the gallery shop is still in progress but we can tell you that this year there will be more space for art and craft work. This is our 2013 line up…

Alex Snowdon, original screen prints

alex where thers teaPhilippa Maye, ceramicist

20120526-133349.jpgCatherine Carr, glass artist

Thank You!!Jim Symon, potter

P1060426Erika Robertson, fine art

P1040787Habbah Dodd, Felt artist

P1060744Keep in touch in the run up to Derbyshire Open Arts as we bring you more news, our timetable of events and more photos. We look forward to seeing you!

open arts


Raku firing photos

here’s some photos of the kiln setting up and the work before it goes in. Apparently the kiln reaches 1000* Centigrade and at some point the work will be removed (whilst at this temperature!) and plunged into the silver dustbin which holds sawdust. I will ask Jim or Philippa to write a more accurate piece about the process later today.

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If you’re in Glossop and would like to watch  – you’re very welcome to pop and view from our window.