Derbyshire Open Arts 2013

We’re excited to once again be taking part in the Derbyshire Open Arts event. As in previous years we have a great line up of artists with new work to show.

We always start our preparations with a big clear up – Philippa has been in charge of the Studios…

P1060748Outside, we have new planters a lovely trailing ivy and these…

P1060730And whilst upstairs work on the gallery shop is still in progress but we can tell you that this year there will be more space for art and craft work. This is our 2013 line up…

Alex Snowdon, original screen prints

alex where thers teaPhilippa Maye, ceramicist

20120526-133349.jpgCatherine Carr, glass artist

Thank You!!Jim Symon, potter

P1060426Erika Robertson, fine art

P1040787Habbah Dodd, Felt artist

P1060744Keep in touch in the run up to Derbyshire Open Arts as we bring you more news, our timetable of events and more photos. We look forward to seeing you!

open arts


Spash along

Day 2 of Derbyshire Open Arts is going splashingly! Despite the rain (or maybe because of it – visiting studios is a good dry, inside activity) the Studios are busy, the tea & coffee is flowing and our artists are busy creating.We have been filmed too by a local sixth former who is making a film of all the artists in the Glossop DOA group; in one of the photos Philippa is filmed at work. Hannah has been making felt birdhouse using a needle felting technique. Other photos in the slideshow are of Sue’s ceramics, Cathy’s crocheted glassware and Philippa’s porcelain clay vessels.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re coming to Glossop for the Open Arts call into Information Centre at The Oakwood on the corner of High Street West & George Street – check out the map (thank you Erika and Philippa for their work), have a coffee or a beer and the lunches are great!

Views from the Vernissage

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Vernissage yesterday. We had a wonderful evening; it was lovely to meet family & friends of everyone taking part in the Derbyshire Open Arts exhibition and to greet all the friends of the Smithy Studios as we celebrated our first birthday.

Checking out the prints from Erika, Alex Snowdon & Ingrid displayed in our new bowser.

A tremendous amount of hard work went into juggling shop furniture and art works…

to create this…

Ceramics by Philippa Maye on the top two shelves

Looking hungry or maybe searching for their nesting boxes (psst the needle felted bird boxes are on the opposite wall)

Dark Peak, River Falls

The Studio

so that we were ready to open our doors…

Crunch Time Ramblings

I’m sat here at the counter in the gallery, tired, splattered with paint and watching Ella lace up the corset. It’s the night before the tomorrow – tomorrow our artists bring their new work into the Studios to be displayed and hung. Today we have taken down Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp’s Exhibition (but she’s back in September with new work), moved the furniture around to create spaces, moved stock around to create spaces, found that we have too many chairs and the rain has stopped the outside painting – although I found time tonight just before it got dark.

But tomorrow…I promise pictures of the work going up on the walls and on display, the wool & yarn display will be tidied, the kitchen cleaned and our studios swept. We will be ready for the Open Arts weekend and our visitors.

Are you coming?

Dead Chickens & The Dark Peak Corset

I’m not too sure what I’m writing about here as Erika’s new work has yet to be unveiled but the one view I have had (which I share with you below) suggests we can expect something different in her exhibition at the Studios during the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend. But the layering and textural finish remains so it’s maybe not too different…


On the corset front (pun clearly intended!) Ella has been busy hand painting and embroidering…here are  glimpses of the work in progress to tempt you…



Felt Artist Hannah Dodd

Hannah Dodd is a textile artist who lives in the little village of Broadbottom on the edge of the Pennines. For the last six years Hannah has been a member of the High Peak Artists. She exhibits her work in Gallery in the Gardens, Pavilion Gardens, Buxton. Hannah also exhibits work in the Bessemer Gallery, Winter Gardens Sheffield, and the Smithy Studios Glossop, where she runs an ongoing programme of felting workshops for beginners to advanced. She teaches all kinds of wet and dry felting techniques.

At the moment Hannah is exhibiting in the Art Cafe Buxton  –  “We Felt Drawn To Nature” until the end of July. She is also exhibiting at the Smithy Studios during the Derbyshire Open Arts from 2nd  June until 5th June. During this weekend she will be demonstrating wet and dry felting techniques.

Hannah designs and creates all kinds of textile pieces from unique designed bags and corsages, top felted 3D birds and owls, and all kinds of framed pictures. She uses the dining room of her own home as her studio and is inspired by nature, flora and fauna in her designs. Hannah also finds herself being inspired by her children’s creativity. She is a stay at home mother of four and has always enjoyed doing craft work with her children. She says that her own mum inspired her creativity from childhood because she saw beauty in everything and was always making things.

Hannah loves to explore added depth and textures into her creations. Her designs are constantly developing and she loves to experiment and try new techniques.  She prides herself that each finished piece is original and unique and is always excited and inspired to create and develop her work.

Links:      Peak District Artisans        Hannah’s website   Gallery in the Gardens