Raku Kilns in the courtyard!

Its very busy in the court yard! There is  a Raku kiln in the courtyard all day, come and see our ceramicists at work!


Artist #3 Erika Robertson

Derbyshire Open Artists: 

Hello, as promised this week we will be introducing you to the artists taking part in this years Derbyshire Open Arts and exhibiting their work at The Smithy Studios.

Erika Robertson

Erika primarily works with oil paint on wood or canvas. Her art is an eclectic collection of images arising from her experiences and imagination. A strong theme in her work is the contrast between life and death.


She explores the beauty and severity of life through colour, abstraction and repetitive forms. Her paintings are representations of images that have stayed with her until she has committed them to canvas. Erika describes the need to paint them as a compulsion, a necessary action to clear them from her mind.


The use of many layers of oil paint, in painstakingly meticulous detail, gives a depth to her work arising both from the weight of the paint and the combination of colours coming through the layers.


Ella’s Sewing Cafe

We had some fabulous coverage in the Glossop Advertiser this week as Ella became a page 3 girl.  Ella talked to Sue about her work as a costume designer on Pirates of the Carribean 2 and the time she ironed Orlando Blooms trousers! Such glamour – it’s almost too much! Anyway, Ella’s Sewing Cafe is open Tuesday evenings and is a space for sewists of all experiences and none to get together. Our sewing machines can be hired or you can bring your own, there is space to ‘cut out’, ironing boards and of course tea and cake.








The talented Ella is also one of our featured artists during the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend. Ella has designed a corset inspired by the hills of the Peak District. Titled the ‘Dark Peak Corset’ the corset will featured hand painted panels, beading and a full skirt. Here’s Ella in the early stages fitting the corset, I’ll bring more pictures as the project develops.