Raku Kilns in the courtyard!

Its very busy in the court yard! There is  a Raku kiln in the courtyard all day, come and see our ceramicists at work!


Derbyshire Open Arts at Smithy Studios 2013

Selected artwork on display and in progress this weekend at the Smithy Studios today. Pop in and say hello, and enjoy these photos!

Derbyshire Open Artists: Philippa Maye

Hello, as promised this week we will be introducing you to the artists taking part in this years Derbyshire Open Arts and exhibiting their work at The Smithy Studios.

Philippa Maye

Philippa is a ceramicist working in porcelain and porcelain paper clay. Philippa’s work is thoughtful and precise; her word and letter spirals exemplify this.

P1060496The spirals are formed using letter punches, each letter individually placed. Philippa  places her text on her vessels and bowls sometimes in clear view and sometimes hidden. If you spy a bowl upon a mirror look for the reflected text.

P1060735 P1060739 Philippa’s porcelain paper clay vessels exhibit a deceptive fragility; pale, translucent and bearing her hallmark text. Here we see a pair of vessels before their firing during which the paper is burnt off leaving the emergent fragility.20120526-133349.jpgPhilippa demonstrates a skilled use of glazes in her practice creating gleaming surfaces with an exquisite use of colour.

On the Saturday of the Open Arts (if the weather is fair) Philippa and Jim Symon will be working with a raku kiln in our courtyard. Not to be missed, you can view a previous firing here.

Jill Shaddock Ceramics

We are introducing our new featured artists today. First up is Jill Shaddock. Jill is a graduate of the 3D Design programme at Manchester Metropolitan University and has been chosen by The Crafts Council to join their 2013 Hothouse scheme.

Jill’s vessels are created from formers that are turned on a lathe, using a method called slipcasting. Liquid clay is coloured with a combination of stains, poured into the mould and left to form a skin within the mould. This process is long and can sometimes mean that Jill has to have fifteen moulds on the go at once.

We love the resulting layering and feel that these vessels are both decorative and functional.

We stock a selection of Jill’s work; single vessels from £16 – £40 and multi-vessel pieces such as Trio (£75) or the Sushi set which retails at £100.

A special invite & two new ceramicists

Readers of our blog are invited to our vernissage for a preview of the work on display over the Glossop Christmas Art Trail weekend. As well as work from our established artists and our graduate award winner Dominika Laszkowska we have work from ceramiscists Jill Shaddock and Marie Canning.

Pendant from Marie Canning

Since graduating from Manchester School of Art with a First Class Honours Degree in Three Dimensional Design, Marie has now set up a studio in Liverpool.

Previously having worked in healthcare, Marie is inspired by the way we strive to take responsibility for our health. Fascinated by the Victorian era and their advances in medicine, Marie’s current body of work is inspired by the use of herbal medicine in the Victorian apothecaries and the decorative ceramic vessels which carried them.

Torn between the functional and non-functional, Marie has created both wearable jewellery and non-functional decorative pieces. She primarily works with ceramics, in particular porcelain and uses the traditional process of throwing in a unique way to produce her miniature vessels.

Marie’s work is priced from around £30.

Jill Shaddock is another favourite of ours and a fellow Craft Council Hothouse 2013 selectee with Catherine Carr.

Jill describes her work…

My practice focuses on the exploration of materials and process. My current work looks at celebrating and enhancing the process of slipcasting and exploring how a user relates to a product by creating a narrative. 

By manipulating the normal methods of slipcasting, using a layering technique, I create unique objects that elevate a process normally associated with mass production. My methods of using body stains and firing the ceramic to a high temperature, means the vessels I create are both aesthetical but also functional.

Sushi set by Jill Shaddock

Finally, those details for the Vernissage… 6pm – 8pm on Friday 23rd November

ps – we’ve updated the Xmas Art Trail page

Glossop Christmas Art Trail

We are taking part in the Glossop Christmas Art Trail again this year; a great opportunity to shop for unique art and craft gifts from local artists and makers. Over 20 artists and makers are taking part this year acoss six venues.

You will find ceramics, fine art, stained glass, jewellery, art prints and much more. Over the next two weeks we will be profiling the artists taking part; both here and on the Art Trail page.


This week at The Studios…

A really busy week behind us and another coming up! We had a delivery of some amazing yarn on Wednesday – it’s SMC Super Big; a 300g ball of acrylic that knits up on 20mm needles to make a great scarf. The pattern is on the ball band, tension is not an issue and if the patterns not for you then it will look great in a straightforward garter stitch. We’ve got eight colours and it’s just £7.50 a ball.

This week saw the combined efforts of Flip, Ella and Cathy design a wonderful postcard for the Glossop Christmas Art Trail. No previews I’m afraid but we should have it printed for next weekend and out on the streets!

We have some really special artists lined up for the Art Trail. There are our inhouse artists Catherine Carr, Sue Ashton, Dominika Laszowska, Philippa Maye, Hannah Dodd, Ella Jensen and Erika Robertson. And then we have ordered in some great ceramics from Jill Shaddock and Marie Canning – we’ll tell you a bit more about them over the coming weeks but here’s a preview of their work if they’re new to you.

A beautiful pendant and ceramic holder by Marie Canning.

Slipcast ceramic pots by Jill Shaddock.

Sushi set by Jill Shaddock

As last year we are promoting affordable art by independant artists and makers, many of whom are based locally. Across Glossop 21 artists & makers are taking part in the Arts Trail and we have dedicated a page on this blog to the Arts Trail and will update this over the next week or so with everyones details.