Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL

I’ve just signed up for this KAL – it starts Thursday (1st Nov) so I’ve just time to sort through the stash (& the extra stash that is the shop!) to find a suitable yarn. I’m loving Rowan Felted Tweed right now, but I’ll sleep on it and let you know on Thursday!

Anyone else taking part?


Celebrate Wool Week with us!

This week it’s wool week and to celebrate Monica Haddock will be in the Studios from 12pm – 2pm demonstrating weaving and spinning. And you can have a go too. This event is free and you do not need to book.

Monica is a textile artist working with Peak Yarns and Fibres of Brough Lea Farm to bring us locally grown, locally spun, hand painted and dyed wool. Monica will be bringing DK & Aran wool and knitting & crochet kits with her on Friday (and we will be stocking these after Friday).

The sheep are Swaledale Mules and when I find my notes I can let you know what the ‘cross’ is – but I think it involves a Blue Faced Leicester! The sheep graze the Hope Valley, are shorn and the fleece processed and spun either on the farm or at a mill in Ashbourne. So this truly is Peak District wool.

Fibre dyed with madder root

Dark brown Jacob fibre from Eyam Moor with green merino and blue Angelina

 Jacob fibre, Natural colour, from Eyam Moor

Gorgeous isn’t it…see you Friday!

DIY Crowd Funding – please support us

The Smithy Studios is on the brink of something special. This week the Howard Town development opened and the footpath between the car park and Smithy Fold is once more accessible. We now have a real opportunity to build on our successes; the workshops, Open Studio events, the art and craft we exhibit and sell – all of which have supported High Peak artists and makers, developed and expanded their skill base and provided an outlet that works in partnership. We are really proud of our Smithy Studios community.

What do we want to do? To increase our visibility we are going to make large flags that we can temporarily attach to our railings. For these we need carbon fibre rods and Rip Nylon fabric. To do justice to our artists (existing and new) we need a set of open shelves, a card stand, and a display table/shelf. To enhance the workshop experience for participants and, sadly, we will need to move our tall chest of drawers and our large counter to make more space. In their place we will put a smaller counter/desk and a moveable plinth.

To meet all three of these aims we will need approximately £500. We want to continue the community approach and adopt the Crowd Sourcing model of fundraising. We are asking those who know us to donate a small amount to help us meet this target.

All donations will be really gratefully received, we will add a ‘roll call ‘of all those who have donated £5 or £10 to our blog, if you donate £20  you will receive a voucher for 10% off any purchase of wool or  10% off a workshop fee. If you donate £50 you will receive a voucher for 20% off any purchase of wool or 20% off a workshop fee.

You can donate here.

Thank you. Carole, Cathy & Erika


KLunch! at the Studios this Friday 12 – 2. An ad hoc, arty, crafting get together for all who work with needles. Bring your project(s), your lunch and your chat.

I’ll be working on the Pia Snood – after the over thinking cabling nightmare of the weekend, I am now speeding along and have one repeat finished. I do have a picture but can’t work out how to upload when posting from my phone! I’ll post it on Facebook – I’m so chuffed I have to share it.

ps: the spell checker is desperate to correct KLunch to Klingon! Do Klingons knit?