Felt Artist Hannah Dodd

Hannah Dodd is a textile artist who lives in the little village of Broadbottom on the edge of the Pennines. For the last six years Hannah has been a member of the High Peak Artists. She exhibits her work in Gallery in the Gardens, Pavilion Gardens, Buxton. Hannah also exhibits work in the Bessemer Gallery, Winter Gardens Sheffield, and the Smithy Studios Glossop, where she runs an ongoing programme of felting workshops for beginners to advanced. She teaches all kinds of wet and dry felting techniques.

At the moment Hannah is exhibiting in the Art Cafe Buxton  –  “We Felt Drawn To Nature” until the end of July. She is also exhibiting at the Smithy Studios during the Derbyshire Open Arts from 2nd  June until 5th June. During this weekend she will be demonstrating wet and dry felting techniques.

Hannah designs and creates all kinds of textile pieces from unique designed bags and corsages, top felted 3D birds and owls, and all kinds of framed pictures. She uses the dining room of her own home as her studio and is inspired by nature, flora and fauna in her designs. Hannah also finds herself being inspired by her children’s creativity. She is a stay at home mother of four and has always enjoyed doing craft work with her children. She says that her own mum inspired her creativity from childhood because she saw beauty in everything and was always making things.

Hannah loves to explore added depth and textures into her creations. Her designs are constantly developing and she loves to experiment and try new techniques.  She prides herself that each finished piece is original and unique and is always excited and inspired to create and develop her work.

Links:      Peak District Artisans        Hannah’s website   Gallery in the Gardens         


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