New yarns, new website

Today, as the snow fell and settled upon the hills I ushered in Spring/Summer 2012! The new yarns were unpacked yesterday and we have been busy finding room for them. We’ve been exploring colour in our display- inspired by Erica Knights book (whcih is in stock!) and have utilised the Studios laser cutter to create dividers for the square pigeon holes of our unit.

I have been also been working hard at uploading products to the new website. And as I went, I created our sale. Yes, the only way to make space for those gorgeous new yarns is to reduce the price of the old ones for a quick sale. This means lots of lovely Rowan Yarns reduced in price Alpaca Chunky, Lima, Cocoon, Felted Tweed, British Sheep Breeds Boucle and DK Undyed. If these are some of your favourite yarns then keep checking back to the blog or Twitter or Facebook – as soon as we have a definate launch date for the new look website we will let you all know. First dibs on the bargains for you!


The Tax Return

  1. Publically declared intention to complete my return via twitter
  2.  Made cup of tea, put bread on, washing on, cleaned loo
  3.  Fired up computer
  4. Looked for paper file with passwords – couldn’t find file
  5. Panicked
  6. Looked everywhere – then stopped
  7. Drank tea
  8. Checked drawer beneath printrer (where else?)
  9. Found paperwork
  10. Couldn’t see computer screen properly
  11.  Went downstairs to clean glasses
  12. Vision great but…
  13. Realised I was wearing wrong glasses
  14. Found right glasses, cleaned them, sat at computer and logged on to gateway
  15. Firefox couldn’t access it
  16.  Panicked
  17.  Realised I hadn’t switched internet on
  18.  Went downstairs, flicked all relevant switches
  19.  Sat at computer, wrote this post while internet connected

Conclusion – an hour later the return was complete and payment made!

Feeling virtuous!

We’ve been a bit silent…

We are a bit distracted at the moment by the new web site being built for us by our friend Ian. It will have a proper online shop where you will be able to buy yarn, needles etc, and pay for workshops. It takes up so much time – time I could be knitting!

It was my intention to write more about my knitting here after the New Year. Not exactly a resolution but close! If you follow the Studios on Twitter you will know that I had a couple of knitting disaster resulting in much frogging – I think this left me a bit demoralised! But from tomorrow I will return to my good intentions so please check back…

In the meantime I bring you news of Catherine Carr. Her work has been selected by Manchester Art Gallery for its Craft gallery. This is a picture of it in situ.

 Just before I go, Cathy is in Paris at a grand show – I’m hoping she’ll send a blog post but from her tweets it sounds as though sh’ll have to put down the red wine glass first!

Bye for now, Carole x

Holidays over

Hello, this week we took all the xmas decorations down in the shop this week – three Christmas trees, lights and all the lovely hand  crafted decorations. We felt naked! What to do next? Well for us the answer is to look forward. What does 2012 hold? Not ones to sit back and accept what we’re given we returned to our plans, rang and tweeted a few people and organised our exhibition schedule for the next few months (more about that in a week or so) & confirmed our artists for the Derbyshire Open Studios event in June. We are pleased that Erika Robertson will exhibit again, her new works will be on show for the first time and she will be complemented by our studio users – Simon Denvers, Philippa Maye & Leah Fletcher – and workshop facilitators Deborah Thompson (Fondant Fibre) and Hannah Dodd (Crafty Old Bags) who will be demonstrating spinning & felt making.

And what of Catherine Carr? Well, Cathy is entering as a solo artist this year & this really fits with where she is career wise. From this week you will find her work in the Manchester Art Gallery, she is off to Paris with Design Factory later this month and will be touring Cumbria with Michael Eden and Lazerian later this year. I am immensly proud of Cathy and her success.

As ever we have lots more ideas, some we will realise & some will stay on the page for a while longer but one things for certain – 2012 will be exciting!

See you soon, Carole x