Workshop Details

Hello, we’re having  abit of a moment with the website! So here are the details about our June/July workshops.

We are holding a series of introductory workshops at The Smithy Studios throughout June and July.

Each workshop will cost £7 and have a maximum of five participants so everyone can learn and enjoy. All materials and equipment for the workshops are provided for the workshop and can be bought if you want to practise at home. Participants are welcome to bring their own yarn, crochet hook and knitting needles along to those workshops.

You do not need to have attended ‘crochet 1’ or ‘knitting 1’ to come along to the later crochet and knitting workshop.

To book: email or pop into the shop

Thursday workshops 7pm – 9pm

16.6 Learn to Crochet (1)

You will learn to cast on; crochet basic stitches; single, double and treble, turning corners and casting off. Using these stitches you will be able to crochet a square granny motif, scarf, cushion cover or even a throw.

Tutor: Catherine Carr

23.6 Learn to Crochet (2)

Expanding on the stitches learnt in crochet 1, half stitches, clusters and grouping stitches will be demonstrated. You will learn how to use these stitches to crochet different shapes such as triangles, hexagonal and circles. With these skills, you would be able to make various different flower designs which could be used as corsages for brooches or as embellishments to add to other items such as bags, cushions or other objects.

Tutor: Catherine Carr

30.6 Learn to Knit (1)

With 2 sticks and some yarn you can create anything. This workshop will show you the two stitches from each every knitted item is made! You will learn to cast on, garter stitch, purl and casting off.

Tutor: Carole Haines

7.7 Play with Polymer Clay

In this session you will be able to familiarise yourself with basic clay techniques and tools. You will have the opportunity to make and take away swirly beads and with books and examples of finished work available, this session will give participants a feel for how to work with polymer clay and a sense of the versatility and mixed media potential of this medium.

Tutor: Amanda Shackleton

14.7 Intro to Colour Theory for Crafters

We all use colour in our making but would you like to learn a bit more about why some colours work together and others don’t? Or how the background can influence how we see colour? Whatever your craft this workshop will be of interest; introducing the colour wheel, analogous colours and simultaneous contrast. This will be a hands on session with colouring, cutting and paper weaving.

Tutor: Catherine Carr

21.7 Learn to Knit (2)

Building on the skills learnt in the June workshop you will be shown how to increase and decrease stitches, how to follow a pattern (and what the abbreviations mean) and how to knit stripes.

Tutor: Carole Haines


Saturday 10% discount offer

It’s been a busy two weeks since our opening weekend with the Open Arts. We have been busy with stock, signs (due to go up tomorrow – check them out!) and meeting new friends. We have organised our first series of workshops and planning the autumn courses and workshops. Our website is almost sorted and the online shop will be there next week. It feels that we are really settling into the routine of the shop!

To celebrate we are offering a 10% discount on all yarn and fabric tomorrow only (that Saturday 11th). To claim the 10% either pick up a leaflet from the Glossopnoot stall on the Local Produce Market tomorrow or print off this post.

Workshops for June/July

Thursday workshops

                                                                     7pm – 9pm

 16.6    Learn to Crochet (1)

 23.6    Learn to Crochet (2)

30.6    Learn to Knit (1)

7.7       Polymer Clay

14.7     Intro to Colour Theory for Crafters

21.7     Learn to Knit (2)

£7 per session

Full details on website and in shop