Through the Lens

Our new exhibition: the photography of Claire and Jack Schonhut from

Saturday 29th June.

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I have spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to sort out the formatting on the workshops page..and now I give up (well for now anyway!). But the page has been updated with details of our felt making, print making and sewing classes and workshops. Please forgive the formatting – I will see to it alter but right now I need a cup of tea1

New workshops & classes

The Open Arts weekend was fabulous and I promise to gather together everyone’s photos and upload them this week.  But in the meantime we have some great creative workshops and classes planned – printmaking, felt making and sewing.All details will be uploaded to the blog over the course of this week and first up is…

Cardinky flyer-1

Raku Kilns in the courtyard!

Its very busy in the court yard! There is  a Raku kiln in the courtyard all day, come and see our ceramicists at work!

Derbyshire Open Arts at Smithy Studios 2013

Selected artwork on display and in progress this weekend at the Smithy Studios today. Pop in and say hello, and enjoy these photos!

Artist #3 Erika Robertson

Derbyshire Open Artists: 

Hello, as promised this week we will be introducing you to the artists taking part in this years Derbyshire Open Arts and exhibiting their work at The Smithy Studios.

Erika Robertson

Erika primarily works with oil paint on wood or canvas. Her art is an eclectic collection of images arising from her experiences and imagination. A strong theme in her work is the contrast between life and death.


She explores the beauty and severity of life through colour, abstraction and repetitive forms. Her paintings are representations of images that have stayed with her until she has committed them to canvas. Erika describes the need to paint them as a compulsion, a necessary action to clear them from her mind.


The use of many layers of oil paint, in painstakingly meticulous detail, gives a depth to her work arising both from the weight of the paint and the combination of colours coming through the layers.


Artists talking

During last years Derbyshire Open Arts event participating artists were filmed by student Jack Hoard who spent a day visiting a selection of artists in the town.